For years, Robert Zemeckis has been hinting at the possibility of a sequel to his 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Talks, teases and rumors… it’s all been hogwash and hootenanny, really.

In 2010, however, Zemeckis revealed that a sequel was officially in motion. Zemeckis had been going around saying he had a good idea in mind, and that original screen writers were working on a script. Zemeckis also mentioned that he’d been discussing the film with Bob Hoskins to reprise his role as the toon hating detective Eddie Valiant.

Promise of a sequel quickly fizzled out when, last summer, it was announced Bob Hoskins retired from acting due to the onset of Parkinson’s disease. Bummer… but wait!

Robert Zemeckis’ long time producing partners Jack Rapke and Steve Starkey attended the London premiere of Flight the other night, and were asked about Roger Rabbit 2. Hoskin health issues be damned, because they said a sequel is still in the works. The two producers said the following:

Steve Starkey: That [Roger Rabbit] sequel is going to get made. Trust me. Yeah, we have a great script and we’re just trying to pull it together and see if we can pull it off but we’re ready to go. If somebody says Go, we’re there.

It’s troublesome [but] we last had lunch with [Bob Hoskins]… we’ll figure out a way. With digital technology there’s always a way to get a guy on his feet.

Jack Rapke: And he’s ready to do it. He’s ready to do it.

Well, alright then. Back on track, right? Well… maybe not.

Zemeckis was also at the premier, and was also asked about the status of the sequel. He’s comments were a little less promising.

Robert Zemeckis: No, there won’t be a sequel.

So, the Roger Rabbit sequel is definitely going to get made. Meanwhile, there absolutely won’t be a Roger Rabbit sequel. I’m confused lol.

Either Zemeckis knows something Starky and Rapke (their names sound like buddy cops) don’t know, or he’s lying. Perhaps he’s trying to get reporters to stop asking him about it?

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