‘Lost Girl’ Pre-Cap – Killer Croc?

If you’re a regular reader of Nerd Bastards, you will have caught my Top 10 Nerdy TV Shows of 2012 list, in which Lost Girl finished in the number one spot. So with the premiere of season 3, I’m sure some of you might have wondered if we might do something more in-depth with the show, and we answer: Of course!

But what?

You see, I’m Canadian. (Hold your applause.) And since Lost Girl is produced by the Canadian cable network Showcase, we get new episodes of the show a whole week before you Yanks, and a thought occurred to me. Now was the time for an entirely new kind of TV journalism: the Pre-cap! It’s not as detailed as a re-cap, because you haven’t seen the episode yet, while at the same time, hopefully, giving you a little bit more to wet your appetite than the average preview. The result, I hope, will a fun and unique way to revel in the fandom of this unique Canadian hit. Or should we say Faendom? Actually, no, let’s stick with fandom.

First let’s revisit the events of last week’s season premiere. Called “Caged Fae,” it indulged a direction we all knew Lost Girl had to go in sometime: an homage to unrated “women in prison” movies! Well, not quite.

After seeing Bo be very, very bad in the cold open, we find out that she was establishing deep cover in order to get tossed into the Light Fae women’s prison Hecuba, which is run by the Amazons. Just don’t expect any golden lassos and invisible jets here, these Amazons refuse to interact with any men, even the Ash, and will only deal with them in that once-in-every-five-year urge to procreate.

The problem with Hecuba is that the prisoners go missing after being released, or they’re otherwise returned for re-offending in short order. More than that, Lauren’s mentor in Fae medicine was the prison doctor and has since disappeared. What dirty secret did the prison hold? With Bo working the angles as a prisoner, and Lauren undercover as the prison doctor, and posing as a Fae Skunk Ape to boot, the ladies discovered the horrible truth, as well as some new found old feelings.

But first things first, the secret of the prison turned out to be that the warden was impregnating rare Fae and selling the babies to eager parents. Impregnating with what you ask, especially since the Amazons are, you know, chicks. Twist: the warden’s got a secret of her own. Let’s let this clip from the first Austin Powers explain:

In a moment that was as funny as it was – ahem – ballsy, one of the Amazons grabbed the warden by the package and learned the awful truth – She was a man, baby! With the mystery solved, the only thing left to resolve was the smouldering sexual tension between Bo and Lauren, which they did by kissing passionately and deciding to give a real relationship between the two of them a real try. I thought the writers might drag the Team Dyson/Team Lauren tension out a couple of episodes before committing, but I’m glad they decided to make a pick early.

Speaking of commitment, Hale’s been drafted as the interim Ash, leader of the Light Fae. It seems that the former cop is trying to tie up loose ends and modernize the system a bit, in the end he shuts down Hecuba and pardons all but the most violent criminals. His former partner Dyson now flies solo, although Vex, apparently still out in the cold with The Morrigan, put his hat into the ring for the job  (questions remain as to the sincerity of the offer, but he did look fetching in that policeman’s leather daddy outfit).

As for where the story seems to be going, you’ll remember that in the season two premiere, the Nain Rogue appeared to Bo with a warning of the coming Garuda-inflicted darkness, but could the darkness this time come from Bo herself? As she leaves the Dal, Bo grabs some random guy by the head and steals his chi barely breaking stride long enough to flash an evil smile. Is Bo suffering from an alternate personality, or is she going dark with full knowledge of what she’s doing? The ads for this season have put a pretty strong emphasis on “evil,” but is that by fate, or by choice? This should be interesting.

Best line of the night goes to Kensi – naturally – who while freaking out about Bo being in prison with an unspecified danger, talks to Dyson who tries to calm her down with a reminder of rogues past… Dyson: “The Garuda. Baba Yaga. The Lich” Kenzi: “Worst dinner party ever?”

Runner-up goes to Trick’s 1920s speak-easy flashback: “This gin joint was the swinging-est hootenanny in town! […] Hey me and the flappers used to get geezed on wobbly pops!” I don’s know what any of that means, but it sounds terrific.

Which brings us to tonight’s episode, “SubterrFaenean.” Here’s the checklist of the things to look out for in episode two of the new season of Lost Girl.

1. The Case of the Week – While out on the town, Aussie, one of Kenzi’s friends from her surprisingly dark and tortured past, goes missing. The trail leads to tunnels underneath the city and rumors of sewer gators, plague, and a whole lot of missing humans. Underfae Atticus makes a good suspect, but don’t bee so quick to judge. Hint: the last name of one of the characters has a double-meaning.

2. The Shipping News – In follow-up to last week’s admission of love, it seems that “Blauren” is in full effect, and as evidenced right off the top of the show, things are definitely hot and heavy between Bo and the Doc. The only thing that could spoil this perfection now are Bo’s bad dreams, which aren’t really bad dreams except…

3. The Dreamweaver – Trick brings in a Fae called a Weaver to help Bo interpret those bad dreams, and what she expects in return from Trick is a little bot more than a free drink or two (thus proving that Trick is the best grandpa ever). What she finds might add a more literal dimension to the term “man eater,” for our succubus heroine. But speaking of new Fae…

4. New Regular Character Alert! – This week we meet Tamsin, Dyson’s new partner on the police force. The twist is she’s Dark Fae. The type of Fae she is may be a mystery left for another episode, bit one thing’s for sure, she’s definitely not a fan of our girl Bo. As for Tamsin’s portrayer, you’ll recognize Rachel Skarsten from the TV version of Birds of Prey, in which she played Dinah Lance, the role now played by Katie Cassidy on Arrow.

5. Still Vexed – Yup, the Dark Fae Mesmer is still bunking with Bo and Kenzi, and it seems that there’s a little bit of bonding between Vex and Kensi, which is to be expected with Bo otherwise – ahem – occupied. Still, is Vex staying with the girls because he’s got nowhere else to go, or because he still isn’t back to fighting strength after last season’s showdown with the Garuda?

6. Take That Toronto Arts Scene! – Aussie disappears while he’s out with Kenzi and Vex at an arts event called “Nuit Sombre,” which is a spin on the popular art event Nuit Blanche that takes place in Toronto every fall. An imminently spoof-ready event if there ever was one, and a performance art carnival about sewer alligators seems right up their alley.

7. How Does it End? – “Why do people keep lying to me?” someone asks.

Next Week: She’s back… The Morrigan that is. And like the hacker community Anonymous, she doesn’t forgive and she doesn’t forget (what Bo has on her cell phone).

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