Zombieland TV Series A Go

Recently, NerdBastards announced news of a casting call for a planned television series based on the enormously successful zombie comedy: Zombieland.

Broadcast Now today officially revealed that a half-hour TV version is indeed being developed by Amazon. This announced series will return Zombieland to its roots–as the film was originally conceived as a television pilot.

As discussed in the previous report, this series will continue the adventures of Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita, and Little Rock (above-left to right)–adding background information about these characters, and introducing new players as the show progresses.

A comedic look at how folks might survive a zombie apocalypse could appeal not only to fans of the original movie, but also to zombiphiles who find The Walking Dead overly dry, nihilistic, and dour…..Granted, TWD is a drama: But there’s some logic to the idea that without a sense of humor, a survivor of so heinous a cataclysm might go pants-crappingly insane long before they even have an opportunity to become Walker chow.

Via: ComingSoon.net


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