Is Arnie In For ‘Terminator 5: So Very Tired?’

At the end of last year came news that sibling producers Megan and David Ellison had snatched up the rights to the Terminator franchise. Last week came word that a pair of unlikely screenwriters –  scribe Laeta  Kalogridis and Drive Angry director Patrick Lussier – were hired to pen the script. But of course this a Terminator film, and the question lingers: will the original Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, “be back,” as they say, in Terminator 5?

It was a question put to Schwarzenegger while doing press for his latest film, The Last Stand. Bleeding Cool were the ones who asked it, and while they didn’t have a quote to back up the assertion, Schwarzenegger is reported to have replied in the affirmative. It’s not so much of a surprise really, Ah-nuld was previously attached to a version of T-5 in 2011 when Fast & Furious auteur Justin Lin was going to direct, but since then the actor’s heard as much as the rest of us about the project.

So do you think it’s true? Well, if it wasn’t before it’s pretty likely to now. The Last Stand tanked over the weekend, finishing at the bottom of the Top 10 at the box office. The last time Schwarzenegger took a box office hit that bad, he went screaming back to the Terminator franchise and made Rise of the Machines, right before he launched his political career as Governor of California. When Arnold gets in trouble, he heads back to Terminator country. Expect something official soon.

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