It wouldn’t be the first change from the “holy” Superman canon we’ve seen in Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel, but it might become the one causing the most stir. This is still only rumor, but some detective work from Comic Book Movie has uncovered a listing on IMDB for Rebecca Buller in the role of Jenny Olsen for Man of Steel, with no mention of good ‘ole Jimmy to be found. Obviously, IMDB can be wrong, but they’re right more often than not. So, is it Jenny who’s Superman’s Best Friend?

Here’s the evidence: first, turning Jimmy into Jenny wouldn’t be the only change Snyder’s made, he’s also turned Lois Lane (Amy Adams) into a ginger and Perry White (Laurence Fishburne) into a black man. Both are reasonable changes that won’t necessarily alter either character fundamentally, but changing the gender of Superman’s pal just might.

The second piece of evidence confirms that whomever Buller is playing, she likely works at The Daily Planet. She can be seen in the trailer, around the 1:53 mark, fleeing the Planet building as it explodes behind her and White.

What do you think? Hello Jenny, goodbye Jimmy? Personally, if this is the case, I love it. As /Film‘s Angie Han points out, “Female characters are woefully underrepresented in comic book movies, especially if they’re not playing love interests or maternal figures.” A platonic, female, best friend for Superman would be a very welcomed change, indeed.

Man of Steel opens nationwide June 14.

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