If you’ve spent any time on the net, I’m sure you’ve come across the artwork (above) featuring a brave little teddy defending a sleeping child from a monster. Created be deviantArtist begemott, the piece titled “Teddy Bears: Protecting Innocent Children from Monsters Under the Bed Since 1902.” is a perfect visual allegory of how we all felt about our furry night time companions.

So, naturally, Hollywood wants to make a movie out of it…

According to THR New Line Cinema is backing a  “a big four-quadrant franchise” based on the illustration. And, here’s the kicker, Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) is poised to produce and possibly star.

This news is…(wait for it)… unbearable!

The Game PlanThe Tooth Fairy, Escape from Witch Mountain. And now, you’re making a movie about a teddy bear? Talk about not backing your meat-head/macho status.

Regardless, I think the bigger story here is: a Deviant Art piece, done for the heck of it, turned into a meme, has been optioned for a big-budget movie. This gives hope to the rest of us.

Source: THR

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