Liefeld Casts the Image Movie with Effective Results

Comic book creator Rob Liefeld gets a bad rap, some of it undeserved, but most fairly accurate. Of course, one of those things that makes him so misunderstood is an incredible sense of arrogance and self-aggrandizement, which is evidence at once by the fact that he’s not just working on movies based on his characters, but he’s working on a movie about his own life in the comic industry.

Sure, you may be saying, but people write about their own lives and times with incredible consistency, but there’s no money in writing a book until you sell it. Instead, Liefeld’s proposing that some studio or investor somewhere give him money to make a movie about himself. Now that’s the kind of hubris you can take to the bank.

Liefeld was recently in a sharing mood, and gave some pages of his script to Dream Movies Cast. The film is called Icons, which is not only highly presumptuous but is an instant reminder of a comic book that Liefeld never, ever had a hand in. Let’s take a look at some pages.

Did you notice that? For the role of Todd McFarlane, Liefeld is suggesting Christian Bale in his prime, Academy Award-winning form from the David O. Russell film The Fighter. I may not be able to appreciate Liefeld’s hubris, but his casting acumen is sublime. Bale’s voice with his American accent is pretty spot-on with McFarlane’s actual voice. As for himself, Liefeld suggests that Chris Pine would make a good reel “Liefeld,” and I’ll admit there’s something of a resemblance, but in terms of the Dram Cast, so far, so good.

As for Liefeld’s writing style, it’s somewhere between Raymond Chadler and Oliver Stone. Liefeld’s McFarlane might as well be Gordon Gekko with his “pep talk” to Rob about not letting the Marvel editors make a milkshake of Rob’s creativity. So I guess there’s a bit of Daniel Plainview in there too. Read the rest below. If you dare….

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