As the ramp up to the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who continues to build, BBC America is giving us Yanks a treat. Beginning this Sunday, January 27th, BBC America is going to air the Doctor Who episodes in numerical order, airing one serial per month starting with the four part “The Aztecs” at 9PM EST starring the first Doctor, William Hartnell.

This is your chance to start at the beginning, watch how the show has grown over the years. Doctor Who first aired on November 23rd, 1963 and ran until 1989, then was revived on March 26th, 2005. It will be interesting to see how the show changed through time, practical effects, language (Slang), political views, and what social issues were tackled.

For those of you quick to say, “I’ll just check NetFlix.” you should know that you won’t be able to get all the episodes, it’s usually a mix at any one time. Are you going to tune in? Ratings for the shows will be interesting to see, how those stack up against other shows currently in production.

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  • If they’re showing the extant serials, then why start with THE AZTECS and not AN UNEARTHLY CHILD?

    • firesign3000

      Because, sadly, they’re only going to show the ones they have complete video for, and Aztecs is one of the few early episodes that survived intact and wasn’t wiped by the BBC. Unfortunately this means that they won’t be airing the majority of Hartnell or Troughton.

      • thetasigma

        Huh. How is it then, that I have the complete series of An Unearthly Child, recorded from PBS many years ago? I know many of the first two Doctors’ episodes are missing, but not the first one. Maybe they are saving it for the 50th anniversary?

        • thetasigma

          Oh, I get it now…they are showing one series from EACH DOCTOR each month. So, next month will be a series with Patrick Troughton, March will have one Jon Pertwee series, April will be awesome with Tom Baker (how will they pick just one?) and so on through David Tennant.

          I guess this means we will be forced to watch the Fox movie again. (Half human. Sheesh.)

          • Don’t knock the ’96 movie just coz of the 1/2 human bit. McGann and Ashbrook are great together.

          • The problem with the Fox movie is more that the writers tried to make it a romantic comedy, to appeal to American audiences of the time. It ended up feeling corny on that level.

          • thetasigma

            That wasn’t the only reason, just the most groan-worthy. I liked Paul MGann, and some parts of the movie. I think she was pretty generic–not that she did a terrible job, just that she didn’t stand out, and I found her character unlikable. The whole thing was too Americanized, much like Torchwood: Miracle Day. I liked parts of that, too, but it got pretty corny. (“We’re TORCHWOOD!” C’mon.) At the time, I was very psyched for a new Doctor, after having watched the old eps on PBS over and over, only to be let down by something very different than what I had expected.

  • ahhh but will they show you the very first two doctor who movies made that perempt the series you lucky yanks lol

  • It’s a British show…….so why aren’t we doing anything like this in Britain??????

  • what channel will they be aired on?

    • thetasigma

      BBC America

  • Sorry, I’ve already seen every episode of Doctor Who from the 3rd Doctor on, online. They CAN be found. Just not through any available service.

    • thetasigma

      Sure, but the point is, it’s being shown on television again, for the first time in many years, since PBS stations stopped showing them. That’s pretty awesome and worth supporting. Maybe if they get a good response, they’ll start showing all the episodes. I have most of the classics on tape, but I’m happy to watch it on tv again.

  • I believe they are showing one serial from each doctor every month. They are not showing all of the old shows.