While we still have yet to see Michael Shannon in his Zod costume in any stills from Man Of Steel itself, this week we got a sneak peek of what the updated General will most likely look like from Mattel France. The toy company gave the world a glimpse of the line of Superman toys it plans on releasing this year–including tie-ins to Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder’s highly anticipated reboot flick…..Et voila!

As we can see, it seems this iteration of the Superman villain has his very own Kryptonian crest. Otherwise, it seems to be nothing more than a form-fitting black bodysuit–simpler and more utilitarian that the gauzy, open-chested garb Zod and his cohorts sported in Superman II.

Mattel France also revealed photos of these miniatures–the Zod figure appears to be clad in some sort of Kryptonian armor, but whether a similar garment will appear in Man Of Steel is anyone’s guess:

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