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Above: A tribute to the classic Little Golden Books of a youth! Illustrator Rosemary Travale has created a Little Tolkien Book. Turning the The Hobbit into a series of children’s books, Rosemary did what many thought was impossible -making Martin Freeman even more adorable. [The Mary Sue]

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With a short haired Sue Storm artist Kizer Stone has a rather nice updated version of the Fantastic Four for us. [Geek Tyrant]

Wonder Woman, one of the icons of the DC universe and DeviantArt user sakimichan might have drawn the coolest versions of the Amazonian we’ve ever seen. [Geek Tyrant]

The legendary Adam Hughes is about to make some nerds wish for a new FireFly comic book.  Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres and a not-dead Alan Tudyk would make an awesome cover for a first issue we’ll never see. [Nerrrding]

Doctor Who has always had a thing for hats and who can blame him, they’re so much fun. Janey-Jane must agree as she pictured the good Doctor wearing a brand new hat, the only problem is when you travel with someone as stingy as Amy Pond the most time you’ll get to wear it is long enough to say “______ are cool.”. Guess she only likes Roman attire. [Deviant Art]

We’ve read the comics watched the show and played the games, but what would a Walking Dead animated series look like? According to David Cousens it looks pretty kick ass. If AMC were to ever consider doing an animated web series they should contact David with a job offer, honest. [Geek Tyrant]

In his bid for a more realistic Street Fighter character digital artist Bogdanbl4 created the first in what could be the next evolution of the series. Updating MI-6 Delta Red commando Cammy for the current generation, Bogdanbl4 has dropped the body paint and revamped her entire character. Just check out the gloves, Cammy’s got sponsors now. [Deviant Art]

Jim was a normal, everyday earthworm -until suit granting him the abilty to move and talk like a person fell from the sky, turning him into Earthworm Jim, looking pretty bad ass in this piece by Eduardo Domínguez. Even if Jim could never get Princess What’s Her Name at least he tried, making the 90s’ that much cooler in the process. [On The Level Gaming]

This must what an alternate timelime for Disney would be like if they bought out Sailor Moon instead of Marvel. Drawn by Milky Dayy, this weirdly cool blend of magical elements and Disney Princesses is a nice touch worth of a new Disney deal. [Milky Dayy]

Take away the catsuit and Selina Kyle is still capable of taking everything you have and Lorena Carvalho knows just how to pose her. Looking great in her evening wear with matching cats Selina is ready for her next big heist. [Nerrrding]

Created by legendary artist Robert McGinnisThe Incredibles director Brad Bird recently revealed a fantastic poster for the film that was hand painted by McGinnis. You can really tell what kind of working someone is willing to do when you actually put the hard work into it, it’s quite rewarding. [Geek Tyrant]

A few years back comedic duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost shot a sketch for their “shot for shot” remake of Star Wars, a remake that will never exist. That hasn’t stopped Amy Beth Christenson though from making her own poster for the fictional movie. [XombieDIRGE]

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