While fans are still waiting for the first trailer for director James Mangold‘s The Wolverine, perhaps checking out what Mangold has to say about the movie. Mangold recently sat down with MTV to discuss the project.

“The wonderful opportunity for me with this film is that 90 percent of it takes place in Japan, and even though other elements remain constant from the other pictures, namely Hugh Jackman, we kind of got our chance to reboot the tone and go a little darker and a little deeper than they’ve gone before with this character. That was exciting for me.”

Considering that the majority of the film takes place in Japan, it’s an easy assumption that the Japanese location and actors would influence the style, tone, and action in the film.

“There is a significant amount of Japanese spoken in the movie, and the cast is almost entirely Japanese. So there is this wonderful sense of cross-pollination between a very Western character and a far Eastern culture, and I think it’s very cool and something we haven’t seen so far.”

MTV notes that it: also lets Mangold add a few elements from traditional Eastern films, like storytelling, levels of mystery, fighting, combat techniques and shooting style.

“I think there is a lot of ways that Japanese film, Japanese fighting, Japanese martial arts have had an effect on this movie,” he said. “And certainly the movie is dripping with Japanese tradition both cinematically, fighting-wise and philosophically as well.”

Mangold went on to confirm that one of Wolverine’s dark traits, and fan favorites, from the comic books, his Berserker rage, will make an appearance in the new film.

“The whole point is not about violence or rating; it’s about intensity. I wanted to make a film that in a way captures the intensity of his character. One of the things that has always been a feature of Wolverine in the comics is that he has a berserker rage, that he has anger and some of his abilities are driven by something more primal.”

Finally, we’re going to see Wolverine lose it and go nuts. Although I wonder how much that vaunted berserker rage might be toned down to ensure a PG-13 rating. An R rated The Wolverine is not going to happen. The loss of ticket sales would be too much for any studio to handle. How Wolverine usually gets to that Berserker rage point is anger and Mangold talks about how Wolverine will get angry:

 “Honestly, to get really pissed off , not cute pissed off, not quippy pissed off, not funny pissed off or cigar-chomping pissed off, just pissed off , that can then help drive the fighting, drive the combat. That is interesting for me and then for the character, some of the jet fuel underneath some of the combat in the film.”

The Wolverine claws it’s way onto theater screens July 26th, and stars Hugh Jackman, Will Yun Lee, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Hiroyuki Sanada, Hal Yamanouchi, Tao Okamoto, Rila Fukushima and Brian Tee.

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