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ABOVE: Believe it or not but these Gremlin gargoyles cover a cathedral outside Nantes, France. My only question is, what happens when it rains? [ObviousWinner]

And one day, in order to protect all of humanity 600 Power Ranger toys combined to become one 6ft Power Ranger. All right, they were actually molded by artist, Robert Bradford,  for Power Rangers 20th Anniversary celebration, but still, wow. [NerdApproved]

Created by Cake Central member di-di this Robocop cake, or Robocake, is almost too awesome to eat. Almost. [BetweenThePages]

Cosplayer Maria Auxiliardora Garcia (what a mouth full) bringing the hammer down as Thor. Photography provided by Joey Mena. [CBM]

No better way to express your love of Portal, cake, and each other than with this hoodies. Each fleece hoodie is made to order, these ones will run you about $140. Check out more fantastic hoodies, like MLP, Assassin’s Creed, Avatar, and more, at Rarity’s Boutique. [FashionablyGeek]

Always wanted to own your very won Robert Downey Jr.– err, Tony Stark? You’re in luck because this new 1/6th scale figure from Hot Toys is basically like owning a mini-Stark. Check out more incredible photos of the incredible details over at CBM.


Rob Corddry provides a master class in zombie acting . Seeking a walk-on role on The Walking Dead? Or maybe you’re looking to make your own indie, zombie flick. Then please, watch and learn. [CinemaBlend]

It’s brother versus brother in this real world showdown of the Mario Bros. Luigi seeks revenge. [Dorkly]

Lindsey Stirling and the Piano Guys tackle the impossible, Mission Impossible, and manage to make the theme even cooler than you remember. [TDW]

This is a rough choreography practice for Clandestine, an upcoming martial arts action series from the Thousand Pounds Action Company. These are the same people who produced the totally epic Naruto short film we posted last year. [GAS]


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