It was just another flight for Wynard Mullins until his fellow Qantas passengers got a little antsy over his Princess Bride t-shirt. You’ve probably seen one, or if you’re like me, have one hanging in the closet.

 “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

It’s got to be high in the top 20 list of the most widely spoken nerdy movie quotes. I can’t remember the last D&D gaming session where it wasn’t shouted out at least once.

Unfortunately, some of Mullins fellow passengers on the New Zealand-bound flight didn’t see the humor in Mullins’ T-shirt and simply focused on the “prepare to die” part of the quote.

Mullins now says his T-shirt, may not have been the best clothing choice for a flight (Post 9/11), but he believes the reaction of Qantas was over the top. While other passengers took their seats, Mr Mullins was approached by a flight attendant who said some people on board were intimidated by the words on his shirt and asked him:

“Are you able to remove it because some of the passengers are quite intimidated by it.”

Mr Mullins said he didn’t have another shirt and the flight attendant left in search of another T-shirt, but never returned, and according to Mullins, didn’t make eye contact with him again.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if they had someone watching me the whole time, the whole experience was a bit over the top, but also a bit comical.”

Qantas was asked for a comment, but the airline’s spokesman said they had no record of the incident, and it appeared the incident had been handled by the crew on board.

“Qantas does have dress standards for passengers traveling on our aircraft . . . particularly for slogans which other passengers may find offensive or threatening.”

You can pick up a shirt with the slogan with a simple Google search, there are a number of styles and graphic sizes to choose from. Maybe Mullins should have flown Air New Zealand instead of Qantas, ANZ is used to unusual characters on their aircraft and appear nerd friendly as seen in the video below.

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