After being in development since 2007, the live-action cinematic adaptation of the classic mecha series ROBOTECH has reportedly found a home at Warner Bros.

To helm what will likely be an enormous, expensive, and controversial project, the studio is currently in talks with Nic Mathieu: A commercial director known for his talents with CGI. As of now, Mathieu has never made a feature film, but he HAS been tapped to direct  David Koepp’s The Wind….and the sci-fi thriller Story Of Your Life, produced by Shawn Levy–it is possible that either, or both of these films will be under Mathieu’s belt by the time he starts on ROBOTECH.

Many believe this development is directly related to the recent success of Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim, a mecha flick quite obviously influenced by ROBOTECH. It is likely we can expect film adaptations of more mecha-based titles in the near future.

In any case, Mathieu–or whomever Warner finally settles on to direct–will have quite a task ahead of them….Let’s take a look at ROBOTECH as we know it:

And here’s the kind of work Mathieu is known for:

Quite remarkable–at least visually, yes? Of course, we can’t help but recall what happened the last time a commercial director known for great special effects work got his hands on a robot-based animated property from the ’80s….

Just sayin’

Source: Collider



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