OK, so here’s what we know: A credible rumor has been circulating that Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel will feature a cameo by an actor from a previous Superman film adaptation. Now, while one would assume this to be a quick walk-on of anyone from Margot Kidder to Mark McClure to Brandon Routh, the rumor apparently suggested that fans need to think “outside the box”….

Apparently, the box they decided to think outside of is a coffin.

The theory in question seems to have started on Spanish Supes fan site: Superman Javi Olivares. Here’s the photo that began the bizarre musings:


This is a still from the filming of Man Of Steel in Chicago….the arrow points to an individual some seem to believe could be this secret cameo–let’s take a closer look:


The inset image is the figure the red arrow pointed to–the larger picture is, of course, the late Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent….

Ghoulish scuttlebutt claims that Reeve has been digitally inserted into the above scene. Based solely on the presence of an indistinct figure wearing a grey suit that bears some resemblence to Reeve’s Clark Kent costume.

A number of fans seem to take this as an homage to the man who brought Superman to life for an entire generation….I’m afraid I’m going to have to dissent: It’s morbid and exploitive–and, if it’s true, strikes me as little more than a tasteless publicity stunt.

But my objections are likely moot: The chances that this theory is accurate seem slim to none. Granted, I’m no filmmaker–but if this is a CGI Christopher Reeve, why would he be in what looks to be a Principal Photography still? Wouldn’t he be added in Second Unit or Post Production? Again, I’m a layman when it comes to this subject–I could be totally off base.

In any case, I’m calling this one as pure fanboy wish-fulfillment….and creepy fanboy wish fulfillment at that.

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