Back when the rebirth of Star Wars was announced the date 2015 was heralded as Episode VII‘s release, with a new Star Wars movie – theatrical and not –  to come every year after. That may no longer be the case since J.J. Abrams was chosen to direct. In the official statement naming Abrams director no date was mentioned. And at this point, a 2015 release date sounds dangerously close for a film who’s only now picked its man in charge.

This wouldn’t be the first time Abrams has pushed a film back, either. Star Trek Into Darkness was originally slated for this past summer but is now releasing in May with what is likely a better, no longer rushed, sequel. And with Into Darkness not yet released I’m sure Abrams isn’t over Star Trek and will need a breather before he moves on to Star Wars. It’ll only be better for us in long run if we let Abrams take his pretty time. Do you remember the prequels? Do you!?!

And also, as Cinema Blend points out, 2015 is already chocked full of Marvel’s The Avengers 2Pirates of the Caribbean 5, a possible Justice League movie, and The Fantastic Four reboot, so we’re not hurting for lack of summer blockbusters.

When do you think we’ll see Abrams’ Episode VII hit theatres?

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