‘The Amazon’ Delayed For Another Year

wonder woman

Many people have been putting their hopes in the eventual creation of an actual interesting Wonder Woman project.  Be it a movie or a television series, something better than the goofy 70s series is in order, especially given the rise of super hero popularity these days.  CW expressed interest in getting it done and they were supposed to be putting together a pilot for The Amazon here soon.   But, alas, it has been delayed.  By an entire year.  Sigh.

With the success of Arrow, it’s not likely that the CW will completely abandon the chance to do Wonder Woman.  Er… I mean do a series about Wonder Woman.  The fact that they’re delaying for a year could be a sign that they’re taking their job seriously and that we could actually see some quality being brought to the show.  Unfortunately, it could also be a sign that they’ll forget all about it and we’ll never hear a damn thing about it ever again.  Only time will tell.

At last report, actress Amy Manson was leading the pack for the possibility of playing the Amazonian princess, though by the time the pilot reaches production we could be looking at a different face.  Stick around for more details throughout the year.


Thanks to ComicBookMovie for the heads-up.

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