You Must Be This Old to See the ‘Evil Dead’ Remake


The upcoming remake/reboot of the beloved cult franchise, Evil Dead, seems to be making good on its promise to be gorier and more shocking than it’s predecessors.  If you recall the originals had gallons upon gallons of blood and tree rape so director Fede Alvarez had is work cut out for him. Months back we saw the redband trailer and it definitely looked to be a bit more bloody (no tree rape though.)

As the films April 12th release date approaches Alvarez took to twitter to update on what the MPAA rating will be.



Now it is not uncommon for a movie to get slapped with a high rating then be re-edited to achieve a reduced more marketable one. Hell, some directors will purposely submit an extreme version of their movie with the intention of dropping scenes to achieve a reduced rating. Was this Alvarez’s strategy? WHO CARES?!? Just let us know that they NC-17 cut of the film will be available on Blu-ray in the future. What will we miss when the R rated version is released to theaters?

Also, will there be a chainsaw-for-a-hand edit? I really think there should be a chainsaw-for-a-hand version.

Source: JoBlo and CinemaBlend

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