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Last week, we ventured into the sewers for rumors of plagues, alligators and pseudo-intellectual performance art. We met Tamsin, Dyson’s new Dark Fae partner who has a flare for the dramatic, and definitely has it in for Bo. We learned that Bo has no memory of feeding on the random Dark Fae dude, although she is dreaming about it. And we learned that there’s something dark inside Bo, and it’s scary enough to make even the most well-worn fae run screaming into the night.

You’ll forgive me if we have to cut it short this week, but here’s this week’s checklist for “ConFaegion”:


1. The Wrath of Vex – This week’s episode focuses on the maybe-reformed dark fae bad boy who’s been riding Bo and Kenzi’s couch since the showdown with the Garuda. But his problems go deeper, as Lauren reveals to the Mesmer that he’s suffer from the fae equivalent of impotence, “he can’t get it up,” as it were. That, combined with the wearing patience of the gang, and Vex is feeling a little out of place, maybe even longing for the “warm embrace” of the dark. Which is good news for…

2. The Morrigan – She’s back and just as bad as ever. The Morrigan is out to get Bo, payback for a certain S&M themed photograph that Bo has of the leader of the Dark Fae. Of course, Bo got it with the best of intentions, blackmailing the Morrigan into letting Bo have Vex for the Garuda showdown, but obviously The Morrigan isn’t one to let that stuff slide. The greater good, I mean.

3. They’ve Got What Now? – After limited success with hired goons, The Morrigan gets downright creative with her revenge scheme. It involves bugs, causing anyone that comes in contact with them to revert back to state that has more in common with the average Twi-Hard, and finally sending in a group of Underfae that look like Dalek pig slaves to finish the job. Caught in The Morrigan’s web are Bo, Dyson and Tamsin, and let’s just say it’s a real treat for Dyson fans if you remember last year’s body swap episode and that Dyson is Scottish.

4. The BFF Vs the GF – Things are intense between Bo’s ladies. We all know that Kenzi is Team Dyson all the way (and even Vex knows it), so how does Kenzi take it now that things seem to be going so seriously between her best friend and the Doc? Not well. And we learn a couple of interesting facts about Lauren’s biography in the process this week too.

5. Kenzi the Hero? – Kenzi laments that she’s not sure where she fits in amongst all her “superhero” friends, but Kenzi gets to be a hero in more ways than one this week, possibly even flirting with powers and her own destiny.

6. Tamsin’s a What? – Yes, we learn what kind of fae Tamsin is this week, but what it means is a question we all want to know the answer to. By the end of the episode, Bo and Tamsin may reach a new understanding of each other if only… Well, why ruin the surprise?

7. Threats and More Threats – Threats play a big part in tonight’s adventure. Whether it’s the threat of counting to 100 in French (which is really a joke only Canadian kids will get), or the threat one leader puts to the other when they’re out of line. As much as tonight’s episode is fun, there’s an undercurent of danger to the whole affair. By the end you’ll be very curious to see where it’s all going. I think there are some subtle hints along the way tonight.

8. Questions of the Week – “Why aren’t you strangling yourself?” “Where’s seven?” “You didn’t take a couple of yellow pills with tigers on them out of bag, did you?”

Next week: Bo’s hunger causes more issues, and Kenzi still struggles with the new order.

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