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ABOVE: Taun Taun calzone. And, I thought my Moms cooking smelled bad on the outside.  [ClutzyGeek]


My girlfriend told me to stop gaming. Once! Jokes about spousal abuse aside,  this is makeup artist OXBLOODRAYNE1989XO impressively takes a ps3 controller to the face as a violent video gamer zombie. [ObviousWinner]


Functional NES Wooden coffee table. If you (or your parents) can afford a wall of games and systems, then you (they) can drop $7,200 on this bad-boy. It’s well worth it.   [Geekologie]


Sexy retro Catwoman cosplay by Madam Mercy. Tis’ purrfect.


Pee Wee Cycling suit. It is not recommended to wear this suit while pleasuring yourself in an adult theater.  [FashionablyGeek]


Han solo carbonite birthday cake from best wife ever.  [SlashFilm]


Geeky bowties, because bowties are cool.  [PwnLove]

Homemade Star Trek Into Darkness trailer. Where no trailer has gone before. Because, Dammit Jim, I’m a doctor, not a hollywood film producer.  [FilmDrunk]

How J.J. got Star Wars. When the Dark Lord of the Sith phones, you answer the call! [GAS]

Ex Green Ranger (Jason David Frank) breaks world record for karate chopping wood blocks while skydiving. Yep, nothing I can say will be cooler or funnier than the previous sentence. The set-up sells itself.  [Geekologie]

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