For a long time, this has been the image that’s accompanied ideas of Nicolas Cage as the Man of Steel in Superman Lives, the aborted Tim Burton version of the classic comic book hero. But what if there was a better look at Cage in costume? There is.


From CBM, comes these compelling photos of Cage in the super-suit. You’ll notice the similarities between this costume and the Dark Knight’s threads from Burton’s Batman, and you’ll also notice the oddly traditional S-shield on the suit as well. The problem with seeing Cage as Superman though is that widow’s peak on top of his head which makes him look more like Superman’s dad than Superman, but other than that… Hey, it could have been worse. (See the top of this article.)

Also, one might notice that of all the concept art and prototypes to come out of the fog surround Superman Lives – Including Brainiac’s head in a jar with mechanical spider legs – this might be the most normal. Maybe there are some color shots of how the costume looks too, just waiting on someone’s computer somewhere. That would be sweet.

Anyway, what do you Bastards think of the pics?

Source: Geek Tyrant

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