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Summer is coming and with it comes an army of movies, all seeking to make tons of money and perhaps even entertain audiences while doing it.  One of these movies, The Lone Ranger is gearing up with a new round of marketing, despite a lukewarm reception from potential viewers thus far.

First and foremost, there is a new poster, which you can see above.  It’s okay, you can scroll back and take a look at it if you want.  I’ll wait.

The second, and a much bigger marketing move, is an amazingly expensive 90-second Super Bowl spot that Disney purchased.  Apparently, this tiny bit of time cost in the neighborhood of $12 million!  That’s only about 5% of the movie’s total budget… wtf?

But supposedly a lot of people watch the super-ball-foot-game, a fact that Disney is hoping will turn the tide of opinion around on their rebooted cowboys and Indians franchise.  So if you happen to be there on the Super Bowl day, check out the new trailer when it airs sometime between the passings of balls and the kickings of goals.

Or just wait around until the entire movie hits screens on July 3rd.


Thanks to GeekTyrant for the heads-up.

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