When Disney bought Lucasfilm it was expected The Clone Wars would pack up and leave Cartoon Network for a Disney-owned network, leaving a hole to be filled in CN’s Saturday morning lineup. What was unexpected was the sudden cancellation of their other two anchor cartoons, Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series, completely wiping out the morning cartoon block as it stands now.

If we’re to believe CN’s recent lineup announcement for late 2013 none of those three shows appear at all. In their place are Beware the Batman, the first CG animated Batman series, and Teen Titans GO!, a lighter, more comedic continuation of the early 2000’s cartoon, Teen Titans.

And now, I’ve learned, to stop becoming emotionally invested in things, because they’ll only end up cancelled. Seriously, these show’s only just returned from that bizarre and unnecessary hiatus and now they’re cancelled!? WTF?!! Plus, both series are in the middle of some major arcs, will they be allowed a proper conclusion? What about the Reach invasion? Will we ever see the Young Justice team reunited? What about the Manhunters? And the Anti-Monitor!? And after last week’s holy depressing GL:TAS episode, what will happen to Razer and Aya!?!!?

So many questions, not nearly enough episode to wrap things up. I don’t think Cartoon Network did either of these shows any favors moving them from Friday night to Saturday morning. And suspending their return last fall until January didn’t help either. We’ve sent a request for comment from Cartoon Network, but as of yet we’ve heard nothing. We’ll update this article is that changes. GL:TAS producer, Giancarlo Volpe has already acknowleged the cancellation via Twitter, making this seem pretty damn conclusive.

Ugh. I’m depressed. Neither Beware the Batman or Teen Titans GO! sound nearly exciting enough to get me out of this funk. How about you? If you’re truly upset over Young Justice and GL: TAS’ cancellation there’s a petition to bring ’em back. Who knows what good it’ll do, but I’ve already signed.

Update: A source at Cartoon Network would not comment on Giancarlo Volpe’s tweet about the future of the shows, but they did say that “Young Justice and Green Lantern are still in premieres on Saturday mornings.”

They also told our Jason Tabrys that: “We are fully committed to the DC Nation block and to bringing our fans excellent action-adventure content. And of course, we’re very excited about the premiere of Beware The Batman as part of DC Nation later this year.”

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