Christian BaleI am not going to muddle this up or belittle this story with too much lead in. Christian Bale continues to be awesome. Following up his phone call a little while back with Zach Guillot, an eight-year-old boy hospitalized with leukemia, the Batman actor sent a Bat-themed care package to the boy. You can watch a video of Zach receiving the gifts below.

And there is the batarang right to the feels….

Just one final comment, I have noticed that when Bale does something like this (he has started to develop a habit of reaching out to to fans in dire situations,) some seem to think that he is still just trying to recover from his Terminator: Salvation meltdown that received so much media attention.

Really? You think he’s still concerned about that?

Maybe he is just a genuine and awesome guy that does what he can. If he can help brighten a boys day when he needs it most… he will.

Carry on Christian Bale. Carry on.


If you want to offer your own support to Zach and his battle visit the ZachAttacksLeukemia Facebook page

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  • Dusqis

    “Maybe he is just a genuine and awesome guy that does what he can.”
    I choose to believe this.

  • Mik

    It would be nice if mom wasnt smacking her gum in the mic.

  • Batgirl

    I don’t think he gives a rip what anybody thinks. He just does awesome things like this when he can. The best part? He doesn’t seek attention for his good deeds! We only find out about these things because the families post their stories on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube. THAT is what makes Mr. Bale one classy superhero in my book!