News that the release date has been moved up one week for Fede Alverez‘s remake of Sam Rami‘s 1981 cult horror movie Evil Dead was brought to us by none other than the original star and producer of the remake, Bruce Campbell. You can check out Campbell’s tweet below, his usual flair and style come through, even with only 142 characters to work with.

Why would they really move the movie forward a week? Was there some wellspring of demand, or was this just a dollars and cents decision? Let’s take a look at what else is releasing April 12th:

evil 3

There are a couple more movies, but nothing in the class of Oblivion, Scary Movie 5, and Dark Circles.That sets the stage, a major tent pole star Tom Cruise movie that also garners the Sci-Fi crowd, A long running comedy horror franchise movie and another horror movie.

Now let’s take a look at what’s coming out April 5th:


Wow, the biggest thing is a 3D re-release of a 1993 hit movie. No other horror movies, no big tent pole actor movies, nothing to get in anyone’s field of vision while stepping up to the box office window to buy tickets. This may be the Hollywood-Smart-Move-of-the-Month. Those are few and far between my friends, few and far between.

I’m going to recommend this movie not for it’s delightful comedic horror and special effects. I’m going to recommend it to you because we should support people in Hollywood making decisions that make sense. Now if only we could get one of two of those people to work at Cartoon Network . . .

Mark your calender, April 5th, Evil Dead.

OH, here’s the trailer, if you haven’t already seen it a bazillion times already.

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