More Star Wars, more toys. That’s the deal and the silver lining for those who are wincing at the thought of a further exploration of the branches that connect to the artery of fantasticness that is the original trilogy.

Before we get our hands on Episode VII (Roman numerals, catch the fever!) figures like “Darth Luke”, and (gah) “Senior Slave Leia” though, Hasbro is bringing us the Star Wars Black line of 6″ scale action figures. A line that is being hailed as a big change for Hasbro… which is bullshit, because the Unleashed line debuted ten years ago and it was in the same scale as these figures. Granted they were pre-posed and actionless figures, but they’re still rad.

Anyway, the Black line is set to drop (hippnessssssssss) in August with X-Wing Fighter Luke Skywalker (meh), R2 (huzzah), Darth Maul (prequel scum!), and an Imperial Sandtrooper (filler). These are being marketed as a collector line, so “Ohhhhh, fancy!”. Also, there is a $19.99 MSRP that your local comic shop will blow right past.

Worry not though small fig fan — Hasbro will continue making tons and tons of 3 3/4″ figures and they will also go out under the Black banner, with Star Wars Classic figures called “Lando’s Legion” and prequel figures called “Windu’s Warriors”… and that last part may not be true.

So in closing: More Star Wars figures!

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Source: Detroit Free Press… which I read while searching for Warlord futures.

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