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The World of Warcraft movie has been on-again off-again, but it looks like Legendary Pictures has no plans to shelve it and wait for bluer skies.  After losing Sam Raimi last year, the project was delayed, but now it’s back on track again.  And it looks like the winner of the “Who is going to try and direct WoW” prize goes to – Duncan Jones.

Jones is perhaps best known for a smart little picture called Moon, a moody flick that gathered in some good reviews.  The WoW adaptation, tentatively called Warcraft, will be a move into a much larger production value for Jones, however.  In fact, Legendary has dedicated a reported $100 million to the project.  With a script by Charles Leavitt (Blood Diamond), there may finally be the right combination of director, writer and cash-flow needed to make a video game movie that doesn’t completely suck balls.

It certainly doesn’t seem like the usual pile of Hollywood fodder chosen for video game adaptations.  It makes me wonder if Legendary has it in mind to try their hands at creating a franchise on the level of Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter.  They certainly have the branding for it, should they manage to avoid falling flat on their face with the story.

What do ye olde Nerd Readers think?  A darker and more sophisticated video game flick?  Or just more inevitable lameness in a pretty package?

If all things go well, the crew plans on starting on the WoW movie this fall with hopes to get a 2015 release.


Thanks to /film for the heads-up.

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