Indy 5 Still a Go Says Spielberg (Maybe)


Remember that OTHER classic series of fantastical adventure movies George Lucas wrote?……Anyone? Anyone?

With Star Wars news dominating the nerd media at the moment, it may have slipped our minds that this may still happen.

While there are no immediate plans to begin filming the fifth installment of the Indiana Jones franchise, Steven Spielberg recently told The Hollywood Reporter:

 “I will not make another Indiana Jones film unless it’s based on George’s story.”

And went on to claim that this is exactly what Lucas intends to do. It’s not as though too much time has past: The gap between Last Crusade and Crystal Skull was 19 years. In the same THR article, Spielberg also added, in reference to Lucasfilm producer and CEO Kathleen Kennedy:

“Kathy and I will figure out some way to work together again…….She has a five-year contract.”

Spielberg’s reference here to Kennedy’s contract with Lucasfilm has lead some to believe that 5 years is how long it will be (minimum) before a new Indy flick gets kicked off. Fans are hopeful that a fifth installment will make up for the supposed failings of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (which I didn’t think was that bad–but my opinion seems to be the exception).

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