Trailer for ‘Superman: Unbound’ Unleashed!


For the next great DC Animated movie, Warner Bros is adapted the Geoff Johns-penned Gary Frank-drawn Superman: Brainiac.  Under the title Superman: Unbound, the film will be released sometime later this year on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download, and The Nerdist has the first trailer for the new film.

Superman: Unbound features the voices of Matt Bomer (White Collar) as Superman, Stana Katic and Molly Quinn (Castle) as Lois Lane and Supergirl respectively, and John Noble (Fringe) as Brainiac. Below is the desciption of the five-act Action Comics storyline that Unbound is based on.

Before he came to Earth, the people of Superman’s homes planet Krypton had battled Brainiac, a cold and callous alien obsessed with the control of knowledge. Now Brainiac has set his sights on destroying Earth and finishing off the Last Son of Krypton once and for all. This epic battle will change Superman’s world forever.

More news as it develops.

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