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Sony and Microsoft have each been issuing reports teasing at their revealing of a new next-generation console for some time. As their current systems get on in years the possibility (and necessity) of a new system creeps ever closer. Honestly, this is like the cold war of the gaming industry and while Nintendo stands off to the side rehashing the Wii into the Wii U the real big boys of the gaming world have been going toe to toe.

Now it appears as if Sony might be kicking off the next-generation gaming run via a mysterious video. Surfacing online earlier, it may possibly be the beginnings of an announcement about the release of a new Playstation.

Check out the video and read on after the jump.

Posted on the PlayStation Blog in an entry entitled “See the Future”, this mysterious video mentions February 20th as some kind of special date to mark on all our calendars, but what could it mean?

With Microsoft and their next-gen Xbox (known as project “Durango”) seemingly going nowhere, this could be the beginning of the next cycle of home consoles for Playstation and its project “Orbis”, otherwise known as the PS4. With sites like VG Links leaking the full console specifications 24 hours prior to the release of the video and The Sixth Axis revealing the domain, which redirects you to the PlayStation front page, we could be a few weeks away from pre-orders on a Playstation 4. It’s a very possible situation and a great marketing strategy from Sony.

Or all this could just be a conspiracy theory and Playstation will end up releasing a new version of the PS Vita that nobody wants but will buy anyway. Let’s all find out together on February 20th at 6pm EST.

Do you have any guesses on what this could actually be or is Playstation finally releasing what many of their fans have been waiting for?

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