PS4 to Come Out Before Christmas?


According to the Wall Street Journal, Sony will, indeed, introduce the Sony Playstation 4 on February 20th. The article goes on to say that Sony is expected to push the system to market before the end of this year, but nothing is known about what else will be revealed in three weeks time.

Last week, Kotaku published an article that featured loads of information on the new system, though there is still no confirmation from Sony that the specs and details presented in that article are real.

Luckily, Nerd Bastards has obtained official… nah, I’m just fucking around. Can you imagine? Shit, that would be awesome for us. Anyway…

The big questions facing Sony will likely come down to price point, developer support, and look. Casual gamers don’t know what to make of spec lists — they need to be wowed visually, and if Sony wants to take this apparent head-start and really seize momentum, they’re going to have to ring in this announcement with some visual fireworks that show us what the next generation of consoles looks like.

They also need to tell us how Orbis, or PS4, represents a clear upgrade over present systems. Times are tough, and people aren’t going to lay out hundreds of dollars unless they know that they are buying a piece of the future.

Microsoft will have the same pressures when they announce firm details and a release date for their Xbox 360 successor, an announcement that, I imagine, won’t be far behind Sony’s.

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