‘World War Z’ Super Bowl Spot – See it Now!

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Super Bowl day is looking like it’s going to end up as one long-ass advertisement for the summer movie line-up.  Lots of big players (and some smaller ones) are dropping major piles of cash to get their 30 seconds during the big game.  And now, add one more to that list – the very unlikely World War Z.

Plagued by production issues and a previous trailer that made it look disappointing, my guess is that some guy somewhere looked at a statistic and determined that Super Bowl advertised movies do better than other movies.  Thus, they dropped $4 million for their chance to not go into the red.  Is it, however, a last ditch effort to get people interested in the underwhelming flick?  Or have they put together something that might genuinely appeal to a mass, football-watching market?

Luckily for you, you can ignore all that annoying ball hurling and just watch the trailer.  Right here, right now.  Check it out below:

What’s that you say?  It looks a lot like the trailer you’ve already seen?  Yup, I was thinking the same thing.

Oh well.  If you want to see it during the Super Bowl anyways, it will be there.  Or just hang out and wait til June 20th, spend some cash at the theater and hope it doesn’t suck.


Thanks to comingsoon for the heads-up.

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