Star Trek Into Darkenss is a hotly anticipated sequel. So much so, many fans went and spent the extra cash on IMAX tickets for The Hobbit just to catch the nine minute Trek preview that preceded it. Paramount and IMAX Entertainment, not wanting to pass up any good opportunity to capitalize on a Trekker’s urge to splurge, is now offering the chance to see Star Trek Into Darkness two days early in IMAX 3D.

The wide release date is May 17th, but you and your friends could see it Wednesday, May 15th at 8pm in IMAX 3D if there’s a participating theatre nearby. Tickets can be purchased through the new Star Trek Into Darkness app, available in the App Store and Google Play. Or you could visit any movie show time site, just make sure to search for “Star Trek Into Darkness Fan Sneaks” to find a screening near you.

Is your burning need to see the newest Star Trek movie so powerful you’ll try and catch it early? Is IMAX 3D even the format you want to catch it in? Into Darkness is said to feature about 30 minutes of footage filmed with the extremely high-resolution IMAX camera, but when I searched for screenings near me tickets were $15.50. Is it worth it?

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