iron man 3 poster

With nearly three months still left before release, Iron Man 3 is stepping up to kick ass and take names.  The Super Bowl trailer spam the other day has reinforced this fact, as the Iron Man 3 spot appears to have come out on top in the rankings.  Further, Disney/Marvel has just opened up their official website, so if the trailer made you happy you can get even more Iron Man in your life!

According to (the guys who track these sorts of things), around 79% of people surveyed reported that they remembered seeing the Iron Man 3 advert during the Super Bowl.  Of course, it was kinda hard to miss so I’m guessing the other 21% were either in the bathroom or have some seriously bad memories.  Further, it seems that about 58% of people say they rewatched one or more of the Super Bowl trailers via YouTube, with Iron Man 3 again at the head of the pack.

So, it’s official – people want to see Iron Man 3.  Way to go statistics!


On another note, one that bespeaks of progress instead of an inconsequential reflection on the past, the official Iron Man 3 website is now up and running.  It’s pretty crazy-neat looking (though my browser is having fits with it) and worth a look if you want to find out more about the movie, grab some cool images for your desktop or even just rewatch the trailer yet again.

But until May 3rd, we shall have to content ourselves with these teasing tidbits.  Hurry up, time!  Move faster!


Thanks to ComingSoon and CinemaBlend for the heads-up on these.

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