abedIf you had any plans for this Thursday, break them. Unless of course your plan was to settle in with a few friends (preferably at least one that is a member of a Nielsen family) and watch the season premiere of Community. At long last the gang from Greendale return to our TV screens. Just to show they still care about the TV show, the suits over NBC decided to shell out some serious coin to produce this epic, cinematic feature film style trailer for the show they seem hellbent on ruining.

Wait, I told myself this wouldn’t be another “I hate NBC and love Dan Harmon” post. Well, to late now. Honestly I am going to give the new show-runners (David Guarascio and Moses Port) the benefit of the doubt and watch the show this Thursday with an open heart. If anything the following trailer shows they come out swinging as a lot of S#!t seems to be going down.

Chang turns over a new leaf? Abed abandons both hi-jinks and escapades? And what of poor Magnitude. Poor poor Magnitude.

This is clearly the most hackneyed time line (but I am still excited to watch it this Thursday night… did I mention that it season 4 of Community starts this Thursday? On NBC… check local listings.)
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