We’ve all watched a show, or movie and seen a prop that made us think “Man, I wish I could have that.” In the case of die-hard fans, however,  they’ll spends hours, weeks, or years crafting their own replica. Their efforts build an even stronger connection to that piece of movie memorabilia they hold so dear.

Some people turn this love – and what many would call an obsession-  into a full-time hobby. Often leading them into a career with special effects. One individual,who has done that exceedingly well, is Adam Savage – full-time special effects designer/fabricator and co-host of Mythbusters.

At last year’s XOXO Festival, an arts and technology conference held in Portland, Oregon, Adam shared his knowledge and love for the world of replica movie props and the connection it has to modern society.

Giving highlights to sites like The Replica Prop Builders Forum and his own experiences, this short twenty-minute presentation also revealed some techniques on how to start projects or future businesses of your very own. Watch the video below for the entire presentation.

If you’re interested in more stories from Adam, be sure to listen to his appearance in the Nerdist Podcast from back in 2010. He talks more about building his own movie replicas, including the Blade Runner Deckard gun. He also answers questions on prop builds from the audience. He even does stand up comedy (hilarious, but NSFW)!

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