George R.R. Martin Takes on Bigger Workload with HBO

george rr martin

Readers at home may be eagerly awaiting news that George R.R, Martin is finally going to finish his Fire and Ice series.  Alas, we here at Nerd Bastards can not report that news, for it does not exist.  But what we can say is that Martin is going to be a busy boy in the near future, seeing as how he’s just signed a new two-year deal with HBO.

In addition to sticking around as executive co-producer for upcoming seasons of Game of Thrones, he’ll be putting together some new projects for the folks at HBO.  What he has planned in a mystery, but one does have to wonder if Martin’s new workload may end up delaying the sixth season of GoT for years, being that the book for that season is in limbo.

So what do the folks at home think?  Are you eager to see what Martin might bring to the world of HBO programming?  Or do you think we should all gather together, kidnap the author and lock him in a room until he finishes the last two damn Fire and Ice books?

At least we all have a new GoT season to look forward to, come March 31st.


Thanks to Deadline Hollywood for the heads-up.

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