“Grandfather! Grandfather!”

Yup, The Doctor’s “granddaughter”, Susan, played by Carol Ann Ford on the series in the 60s has been cast for An Adventure in Space and Time. Yesterday we saw the first glimpse of the production as filming kicked off on Sunday, and today we learn relative newcomer Claudia Grant will play Ford, and therefore Susan, in the 90 minute docudrama from Mark Gatiss. Here’s Grant’s head shot for a comparison,


That’s a pretty darn good likeness, if you ask me. Doctor Who TV also report Jamie Glover is playing William Russell, fellow companion and Susan’s teacher Ian, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Honestly, I think I’m getting more excited about this docudrama exploring those early days of Doctor Who than I am whatever celebration Moffat and co. have planned for the series proper. So much of what makes Doctor Who, Doctor Who was created during those early years and it’ll be wonderful to see it all brought to light.

What are you most excited for when it comes to Who‘s 5oth anniversary?

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