The Sword by the Luna Brothers is one of the best graphic novels you’ve probably never read. It’s one of those titles tucked behind all the mainstream stuff.

The plot of The Sword follows Dara Brighton, a young paraplegic whose family is brutally murdered by a mysterious trio (gods). Dara escapes and discovers a magical sword that allows her to walk again and grants her physical powers. From there, things get intense, and super violent. Picture Kill Bill but on a supernatural scale.

 I read a lot of graphic novels, books, and comics, and this ranks up there among my favorites. I was surprised by how quickly I grew to like the simple, yet expressive artwork and the book’s thoughtful and realistic characters. Oh, and the unapologetic violence and top-notch action may have sucked me in as well.
I can’t stress enough what a MUST read The Sword is, but, if you’re not here to read, there’s always the movie….
Lakeshore Entertainment has picked up the rights to The Sword; with Tom Rosenberg and Gary Lucchesi  producing the fantasy revenge story.
Lakeshore is also responsible for bringing us the Underworld franchise, and they are also developing an adaptation of the comic book, I, Frankenstein.
I’m not too thrilled with the production company (Underworld movies were hack & slash cheesefests), but this is a graphic novel that would actually make a good movie. I’m thrilled it’s being adapted.
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