Earlier today we shared some of the new images from Star Trek Into Darkness found in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. Little did we know that wasn’t where the story ended. Comic Book Movie has picked up on some interesting phrasing on EW’s back issue page that may just spoil the true identity of Benedict Cumberbatch‘s villain.

Here I issue the requisite SPOILER WARNING!

I’ll also preface this with saying, it’s a headline, not even a headline, but the name for a particular cover you can purchase of the latest EW issue. This could all boil down to some poor sod who simply typed a misleading though eye-catching tagline with no thought to its monumental consequences. Or, it’s completely true and EW has inadvertently confirmed Cumberbatch is indeed playing Khan.


(click the image to be taken to its page of origin)

I mean, why would it say that if he wasn’t playing Khan? Notice it doesn’t say Kirk & Harrison. Y’know, John Harrison, the alias he’s been masquerading under and has been used in just about all promotional material for the film. There’s absolutely no reason for it to say Khan unless he is Khan. KHAAAAAAAN!

Oh man, at this point we’ve heard so many rumors about Cumberbatch’s villains true identity wouldn’t it figure he was Khan all along. And that we’d find out in such an anti-climactic manner as an order page for a magazine. As of now, it’s still complete and utter rumor, and if it turns out to be false the guy or gal who typed that tagline better be packing their things now. But I mean, wow, the movie’s about three months out and we’re back to “Cumberbatch is Khan.”

What do you bastards think? Has EW spilled the beans and we really will see Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness?

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  • Kremzeek

    I think it’s extremely unimaginitive if true. Here they went and opened a up a wonderful, bright, open canvas to paint on in the last Trek. And what are they going to paint on it? Nothing new, but a picture we’ve all seen before. I’m very, very, very disappointed and still hanging on to a thread of hope it’s not true.

  • Der Langhaarige

    I say they just didn’t do their research very well.

    “Hey, who is Cumberbatch playing in that new Captain Kirk movie?”
    “I don’t know, let’s google it.”
    30 seconds and 500 “Is Cumberbatch playing Khan?” headlines later.
    “Looks like he is that Khan guy! Everybody is talking about him!”

    Wouldn’t be the first time that such a magazine gets its facts wrong.

  • Dr. Watson

    Benedict Cumberbatch is Sybok.

  • I believe it will be Khan and Alice Eve has been reported playing Carol Marcus (Kirk’s Bay Mama) and not Sally Kellerman’s former role.KHAAAAAAN

  • bickleton wigglesworth III

    my guess is cumberbatch’s character will be named harrison but the character will be, in almost all ways, khaan.

    harrison is the new khaan.