Matt Smith has been cast for his first American film role by Ryan Gosling. The movie, How to Catch a Monster will find Smith starring opposite Christina Hendricks. That should get many a fan girl and boy’s hearts racing. The story is Gosling’s own, a noir-style urban fantasy which Empire described as:

Against the surreal dreamscape of a vanishing city, [HtCaM] finds Billy (Hendricks), a single mother of two who usually works in a fetish club, swept into a dark fantasy underworld. While that’s happening, her teenaged son finds a secret road leading into an underwater town. Mother and son must figure out various mysteries if they want to keep their family alive.

This also marks Gosling’s first time in the director’s chair and Gosling has gathered a stellar cast to make the whole first time process a little easier, Smith and Hendricks are joined by Eva Mendes, and Ben Mendelsohn. Shooting begins later this Spring with a release date some time in 2014. This should not conflict with any shooting Smith will be doing for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special as How to Catch a Monster should wrap up shooting well before the Doctor Who special’s production shooting begins.

What do you think? It will be interesting to find out what Gosling’s directorial style will turn out to be. Will he be an actor’s director or an over zealous micromanaging tyrant? Will fans be able to mentally separate Smith from his character as the Doctor? Can Smith pull off a character other than the Doctor?

As we get more clips, teasers, stills, or interviews about the project we’ll bring them to you here.

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