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ABOVE: Even though J.J. Abrams is now working on both the Star Wars and Star Trek it was the genius of Robert Shane to combine the two into one cool mash-up piece. Han really knows how to get the girl, even if can’t speak Klingon at least he knows how to speak blaster. Check out the link for the alternate Captain Kirk/Princess Leia design. [Geek Tyrant]

Hit the jump for Barbarella, Pikachus and a Mouse Guard.


Hard to believe it’s been twenty-five years since John McClane compared himself to a TV dinner, a perfect time for Sean Hartter to make a tribute piece for the Die Hard franchise. Yippie kay yay Nakatomi plaza jumper (that’s the line, right?). [/Film]


That both drink beer, smoke cigars and fight evil; of course they would be best friends! Part of a pair of commission pieces by Riikka Auvinen featuring Wolverine and Hellboy both play cards and going fishing. [Nudity and Nerdery]


While it never had the strongest plot on the planet and was a critical failure, Barbarella left a mark on the movies that will never go away. In tribute Greg Hildebrandt and Tim Hildebrandt crafted an awesome splash page with Barbarella herself Jane Fonda in one of her many costumes. Look real close and you can see director Roger Vadim, drinking away his pain having made the movie (not really). [Comics Alliance]


Mike Mignola is one talented artist, combine that with the work of Dave Stewart and you’ve got a near unstoppable team. As a special treat for readers of  Mouse Guard: The Black Axe #6 by Archaia next week the duo created a special pin-up for the prequel comic series. [The Mary Sue]


Lois Lane has had as many redesigns as Superman has costumes, but this version by DC Universe online MMO artist Michael Lopez this version of Lois looks like something out of Archer. The only difference is Archer would be trying to hit on her through a jaw wired shut, one of the benefits to a pre-52 super boyfriend. [Deviant Art]


After a long wait James Boorman‘s homage to the iconic characters from the Masters of the Universe vintage toy line of the 1980’s is complete. Titled “Faces of the Universe” the print includes everyone from He-man to Faker, Eternia’s bizarro He-man, an entire collection of our childhood on one combined print.  [JAMES BOORMAN ART]

the_thing_in_deadspace_3_by_ron_guyatt-d5t5hcxDead Space 3 must have gotten some of its inspiration from the suspense horror film The Thing, the similarities are strikingly similar. Being the smart man that he is Ron Guyatt combined the two, putting Isaac Clarke in place of the iconic monster of the original Thing poster. [Geek Tyrant]


So this has been Blanka’s secret to his electrical attacks in Street Fighter, a small herd of Pikachu hidden in his hair. You could swear he was using batteries, but judging on where he’d have to stick them artist Bisparulz opted for electric mouse approach. A wise decision for all. [Game Freaks]


Up and Dark Knight Returns all rolled up into one neat, aww making artwork, way to go seniorgoldenspork. Russell must be working on his sidekick badge, one of the toughest badges to attain in the DC world. [Nerd Approved]

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