You’re a multi-million dollar Hollywood franchise and your best kept secrets are supposed to remain exactly that -be secret. So why is someone once again spoiling key scenes to a Marvel movie like Iron Man 3, just like they did with The Amazing Spider-Man?

Pictures of two LEGO playsets for the Shane Black directed film have hit the ‘net and yes, they seem to be spoiling some key scenes from the movie.

Brick-based spoilerage stars up after the jump.

Called the “Malibu Mansion Attack” play set, the attack on Stark’s home by the Mandarin and an unknown character (what the hell is a Extremis Solider?) features Pepper Potts wearing something that looks rather familiar, confirming rumors that actress Gwyneth Paltrow would finally wear armor of her very own (thanks guys, really, I didn’t want that to be a surprise or anything.)


Next, the “Extremis Sea Port Battle” shows off a fight between Tony and James Rhodes as War Machine fighting a Extremis infected Aldrich Killian.


The “Iron Man vs. The Mandarin Ultimate Showdown” is pretty self-explanatory. We just have no idea what a flame thrower has to do with fighting Iron Man, he’s in a protected suit that’s temperature controlled.

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