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Ben Affleck is currently riding a wave of success for his talented acting and directing of the Oscar Nominated Argo. It’s no surprise that Warner Brothers would approach him about taking the directors seat for the Justice League movie. What is unexpected is the rumor that Warner Brothers not only wanted Affleck to direct, but also play one of the central leads of the developing Justice League movie franchise, Batman.

Holy CinemaScope Ben Affleck, You’re Batman!?!?

Think about that for a moment. Ben Affleck as Batman. Warner Brothers wouldn’t just want him Justice League if he took the role, they’d want him for any follow-up Batman movies and cameos in other DC Comics movies for the next couple of years, if not longer.

The rumor of Batman Affleck comes to us from Elmayimbe of Latino Review. He’s also been the one to reveal the villain and team lineup of the movie so it’s a fairly safe bet he’s right on the money with this one too.


Neither Warner Brothers of Affleck have confirmed or denied either rumor to date, so we really just have rainbows, mermaid tears, and Elmayibe’s track record to back this up so far. Considering the recent lambasting the Justice League script has been taking on the internet, Affleck might have dodged a Batarang to the career here.

What do you think? Who else should play the role . . . besides Joseph Gordon Levitt? I still think that he’s the best choice to carry the legacy of Nolan’s Batman series, but Affleck in the director chair? That would be a good choice, Affleck has some directing skills, I’d rather see him continue developing those talents behind the screen.

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