As one of the foremost experts on the physics of the universe, Neil deGrasse Tyson is one big nerd and he really flexes his nerd muscle through his Twitter account.

Earlier in the week, Neil deGrasse must have been watching the Avengers, or Thor, because of a special revelation he posted online that has had many of us pondering for quite some time. Using scientific methods, which most of us would have had an ice cream head ache over, and his knowledge of the building materials that went into the legendary weapon, Neil came up with a rough estimate of just how heavy Mjolnir is.
Thor's Hammer 1

The astronomical science is one thing, so to simplify it for all us not-so-scientific people, he has graciously used elephants as a form of measurement. And thanks to some research from Blastr, we now know an average male African bush elephant weighs roughly 12,000 lbs. Random trivia fact for the day. You’re welcome. But how exactly did deGrasse figure all of this out without physically holding a hammer that technically doesn’t even exist?

Brace yourself.

Thor's Hammer 2

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a god or he just uses his best judgement and makes up some random number while referencing a herd of elephants. Either way, I am not going to second guess a man that knows so much about astronomy.

Source: Blastr

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