It’s been rumored for some time that Neil Gaiman‘s contribution to the back half of Doctor Who Series 7 would be titled, “The Last Cybermen.” Well, guess what? It is. Unsurprising, since we know for a fact the episode will indeed feature Cybermen. And not just any old Cybermen, but these slightly redesigned Cyberdudes you see above. Note how their face masks reflect the Cybermen of old, think Second Doctor era.

Talking with TheMusic, Gaiman shared a little more about “The Last Cyberman,”

I’ve written [one] that broadcasts in May. It guest stars Warwick Davis, Tamzin Outhwaite and Jason Watkins. The episode is called The Last Cyberman. It’s about identity, it’s about responsibility and it’s about porridge.

As funny and not totally out of the question as it would be for actual porridge to factor into Gaiman’s episode, he’s most likely referring to Davis’ character, named Porridge. In addition to the tidbits about “The Last Cybermen, he also shared who his favorite Doctor is,

I think it’s really hard. It used to be Patrick Troughton, because he was my doctor, the one I grew up with. Yet, Matt Smith is amazing, and it’s writing for him that gives me an increased awareness of how amazing [he is]. He is technically one of England’s finest actors. Matt for me is the only Doctor who really feels a thousand years old and a kid – he really is this ancient space alien.

Now those Troughton-era Cybermen designs kind of all make sense, don’t they? And I have to agree with him, I’ve loved just about every actor who’s played The Doctor, but Matt Smith really is capturing the Time Lord like none have before. No wonder the show’s become such a monumental smash worldwide.

Gaiman set the bar super high with last season’s “The Doctor’s Wife,” how do you think “The Last Cybermen” will stack up?

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