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ABOVE: I’m not one for Blu-ray/DVD collectibles, but I must own this limited edition Walking Dead season 3 case. The Blu-ray case from McFarlane Toys comes with five plastic decapitated heads.  All you have to do to uh, enjoy the view, is add water. [MTV Geek]


Easter is a while away, but here’s an early egg decorating idea….DIY hard boiled Xenomorhp alien eggs. Word to the wise, don’t eat old eggs. Your stomach will feel like an alien is trying to burst it’s way through. [nerdcore]


The history of video games for sale on eBay. It includes over 330 consoles, 6,850 games, 220 controllers, 185 accessories and a ton of other promotional material/special edition stuff. You can download a PDF file of all the systems and games included HERE. The auction starts at $550,000. If all else fails, the owner can trade everything into Gamestop for $13 [Geekologie]


It’s a (rat) Trap! [Slashfilm]


Warhammer 40K terminator helmet. Wear it while playing, or if you’re feeling frisky, wear it on your next sexual conquest. [FashionablyGeek]


Fancy building your own Iron Man arc reactor, but don’t want to do it in a cave with scraps? Wanna fling webs like Spider-Man without using your own body fluid? Now you can with this toy lab from Milton. Each kit contains all the parts you need to be your own Tony Stark or Peter Parker. [NerdApproved]


Luly-kisune cosplayed as Marvel’s Medusa. Stare at her boobs long enough and you’ll turn to stone. Worth it! [CBM]

This condensed version of the 1985 hit movie Back to the Future travels MUCH faster than 88 miles per hour. [1A4STUDIO]

Like millions of other people, I didn’t care for Zach Snyder’s Sucker Punch. During my entire viewing, I had my head cocked to the side saying “why?”. Well, turns out me, and the rest of the world are wrong, because Adam Quigley of slashfilm.com says so. He put up a 13 minute video on how we simply don’t understand the cinematic awesome-mess that is Sucker Punch. [GAS]

Super Mario Busters – A Ghostbuster/Super Mario Bros, Mashup. This is one the most epic videos I have seen in years! My favorite part is when mega Mario fought kirby-zilla, and the music….. Oh the music. [JamesFarr]

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