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The general populace goes both ways when it comes to J.J. Abrams’ involvement in both the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises.  Most are pretty much okay with it while others are not so happy.  But what about the almighty and revered voices of the celebrity population?  Well, in an interview with Movie Fanatic, actor (if he can rightly be called that) William Shatner threw his two cents into the debate.

When asked about Abrams and Star Wars, old-school Kirk had this to say:

No, he’s being a pig. I mean he’s collecting the two franchises and holding them close to his vest. And he’s probably the most talented director of that ilk we have. But, he’s gone too far this time.

Of course, considering that Abrams and Shatner have been buddying up, with Abrams coming to him for advice regarding the Star Trek franchise, chances are that Shatner is just being a smart-ass, as he is prone to do.  The media, however, are eating it up.  Let’s see if this ends is a Shatner vs. Abrams cage match.

Thanks to ComicBookMovie for the heads-up.

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