It’s lunch time and you’re home for a quick bite before heading back to work. You’ve got the television on in the background while you make yourself a sandwich. Suddenly the volume on the television goes to 11 and a loud blaring alert signal causes you to jump about five feet in the air. The dog starts barking crazily and you’ve knocked that half filled jar of mayo off the counter, now there’s mayo all over the place. Usually you’d ignore the message that follows that annoying noise and start cleaning up all that mayo, but this time the message isn’t about a storm or kidnapping, you hear that booming  monotone voice talk about the dead walking and you look towards the closet where you store your Bug-Out bag.

That’s what happened to Montana residents watching the Steve Wilkos Show on station KRTV. Check out the video.

The station engineers quickly pulled the bogus alert off air and replaced it with an on air apology from KRTV followed by this online announcement:


Currently, no one has stepped forward to take credit for the hacking prank and although some other sites are speculating that this was an attempt at viral marketing for The Walking Dead, it just doesn’t make sense for anyone at AMC‘s The Walking Dead to pull off this prank without some indicator besides zombies to point viewers in AMC’s direction.

We’ve all seen the hacked construction warning signs on the internet like the one pictured below.


Most likely this is the work of a local hacker or KRTV employee looking to have a little fun.I have to point out that this announcement is that moment, if a Zombie outbreak ever happened, that would determine whether, and how long, you might survive.

Of course what really makes the difference is where you are when everything goes to hell in a hand basket. If your far from home I would say your chances go down dramatically. Why? The first thing you are going to want to do is get back to your family and loved ones. The farther you have to travel the more danger you’ll face.

What do you think, would you be ready if the real thing went down?

Via: Gawker

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