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ABOVE: You Shall Not Pass Roadblock. A little road construction humor like this, and maybe there would be less pissed off motorists.  [NerdApproved]


Tiffany’s Baking Company constructed this Hobbit inspired wedding cake. It’s geeky, but elegant enough to no completely dorkify your wedding. [GAS]


Doctor Who Dalek earrings for Valentines Day. Exterminate your ear lobes with love!  [TechnaBob]


DC comics and car company KIA teamed up to make this Superman inspired Optima Hybrid for the WE CAN BE HEROES charity. I don’t want to knock this, because of the whole charity thing, but KIA can try to super-fy their cars all they want… it’s still a KIA. [ObviousWinner]


LoneShadow-Wolf cosplayed as Wolverine’s female clone X-23. Snikt snikt, huh? More like skeet, skeet (if you know what I mean). [CBM]


Star Trek Footie Pajamas. Keep warm and protect your virginity… AT THE SAME TIME! [JumpinJammerz]


Disney princess themed wedding. The bride and groom were Ariel and Prince Eric, and all the bridesmaids were Disney princesses and the groomsman princes/random characters. Whoa, talk about a happily ever after. [Geekologie]

Cosplay is colorblind, didn’t you know? Seriously though, everyone – no matter race, color, or creed – should be able to dress as their favorite character. Cosplay should bring people together, not tear them apart. [AlmostNerdy]

For those of you who don’t remember Super Mario RPG, here it is in song. Gosh this gets in your head. Also…Nintendo, where are you, remake or sequel please! [Dorkly]

Check out this fun 60 second version of Sam Raimi‘s The Evil Dead which is part of the Virgin Radio Fake Film Festival [CrackaJack.De]

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